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We are looking for more moderators to join the mods on the best DSGHQ game, Penguin3D.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Enforce the DSGHQ community values by...
    a) Watching over any rooms with users in (the main island is also a room)
    b) Going where the Head Moderator requires you
    c) Using the kick, ban and IP ban commands.
  • Enforce the rules in regards to giving warnings, kicking, banning and IP banning based on the current rules.
  • Follow the Head Moderator's orders and the guidance of Administrators.
  • Respect the Head Moderator's orders for you to move to different rooms if needed.
  • Help new and old users with any problems or questions they have.
  • Resolve arguments and disagreements between users.
  • Sit on the moderator thrones during sessions and events.
  • Always be partially responsive and regularly aware of the room.
  • Remain neutral in regards to all drama whether it involves users or politics.

  • Experience with having another rank on the DSGHQ in the last 6 months. (e.g. Knight, Penguin Watch, Detective etc...)
  • Outstanding grammar and typing skills.
  • Excellent knowledge and passion for upholding the DSGHQ values no matter who is involved.
  • A regularly active user capable of clocking at least 12 hours per week.
  • Clean record of rule breaking for more than 6 months.
  • Member of the DSGHQ for more than 6 months.
  • Excellent knowledge of in-game commands, rooms and secrets.
  • Outstanding knowledge of the DSGHQ including its history, how ranks work, what the Empire is and how it works etc...
  • Exclusive interest in moderating and playing Penguin3D over other games.
  • Exceptional reputation with the Moderators and Administrators on Penguin3D.
  • One of your references must be an existing Moderator who has agreed to be a referee (on the application form).

Rank Level
LEVEL 3 rank

Reviewal Date

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