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The Administrators of are looking for a highly experienced, friendly, loyal and trustworthy user to join the moderator team on OldCP.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Enforce the OldCP Rules by...
    a) Watching over any rooms with users in
    b) Going where the Head Moderator requires you
    c) Using the kick, arrest, ban and IP ban commands.
  • Enforce the rules in regards to giving warnings, arresting, kicking, banning and IP banning based on the current rules.
  • Follow the Head Moderator's orders and the guidance of Administrators.
  • Respect the Head Moderator's orders for you to move to different rooms if needed.
  • Help new and old users with any problems or questions they have.
  • Resolve arguments and disagreements between users.
  • Sit on the moderator thrones during sessions and events.
  • Act as a judge during the Game of Mods seasonal competition.
  • Do not use the summon, sendto, sendout, kick or ban commands unless someone is breaking a rule.
  • Always be partially responsive and regularly aware of the room.
  • Work along with the Penguin Watch and the Imperial Knights.
  • Keep all staff matters and screenshots from the staff cinema mode confidential from ordinary players.
  • Remain neutral in regards to all drama whether it involves users or politics.

  • Experience with having another rank in-game in the last 6 months. (e.g. Knight, Penguin Watch, Detective etc...)
  • Outstanding grammar and typing skills.
  • Excellent knowledge and passion for upholding the OldCP rules no matter who is involved.
  • A regularly active user capable of clocking at least 12 hours per week.
  • Clean record of treason for more than 6 months.
  • Member of for more than 6 months.
  • Excellent knowledge of in-game commands, transforms, rooms, secrets.
  • Outstanding knowledge of OldCP including it's history, how gold works, how ranks work, what the Empire is and how it works etc...
  • Exclusive interest in moderating and playing over other games.
  • Exceptional reputation with the Moderators and Administrators on OldCP.
  • One of your references must be an existing Moderator who has agreed to be a referee (on the application form).

Rank Level
LEVEL 3 rank

Reviewal Date

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